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Easy Way To Manage Your Business With Help Of CraneMaze


Core Features

  • Manage employee salary Breakup
  • Manage payroll component dynamic
  • Generate and manage employee salary monthly
  • You can set/reset payroll using payroll tracker
  • Download/export payroll report employee wise
  • Analyze yearly salary expenditure

Payroll Management

Manage employee salary breakup/components individual, Manage payroll component dynamic, Generate and manage employee salary monthly, download/export payroll report employee wise, Analyze yearly salary expenditure

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Project Management

Manage Smooth Integration of all Teams and Project modules,Resolve Issues by Information Sharing and Effective Communication.CMS Provide to Smooth Integration of all Teams. Our module allows you to import Data in excel format and manage it as per location requirement.

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Core Features

  • Reduce errors/bugs and execution time in your project
  • Smooth integration of all teams and project modules
  • Resolve issues by information sharing and effective communication
  • Manage project with employee group/team

Core Features

  • Manage your clients with all Transactions
  • Manage inventory and taxes
  • Manage and customize individual taxes
  • Create a quotation
  • Create quotation, standard, Tax, Proforma, Excise and Retail invoice
  • Generate quotation and all invoices in PDF printable format
  • Export all invoices in excel sheet

Bill/Invoice Management

Manage Your Clients with all Transactions to Create standard Invoice, Tax invoice, proforma invoice, Excise invoice, Retail Invoice

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Data Import/Export

CraneMaze tack care of your company important data, So CraneMaze System provide data import and export functionality

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Core Features

  • Easily manage your local file and You never loose your critical document and information.
  • CraneMaze provide to export/import to employee data.